Cultivating Inner Capacities for Regenerative Food Systems


Based on the latest evidence, the Conscious Food Systems Alliance (CoFSA) Action Report presents the rationale for the cultivation of inner capacities as a crucial complementary approach to activate food systems transformation. Firstly, it presents the need for a complementary approach to existing solutions to food systems transformation and role of inner barriers in achieving impact through current solutions. It then provides the evidence for the potential of consciousness approaches to unlock food systems transformation, and finally an agenda for action through the Conscious Food Systems Alliance and principles for the cultivation of inner capacities. The report also provides links to a set of case studies showcasing examples of the conscious food initiatives by the CoFSA partners, the Theoretical Foundations report on which this document builds, and a bibliography.

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Organization United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Type of resource Studies and reports
Year of Release 2022

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