Mountain observations: Monitoring, data, and information for science, policy, and society


Observations play a key role in tracking mountain global change and its impacts, understanding the various processes and feedback mechanisms involved, and delivering more reliable projections of the future to society. This policy brief provides an overview of the current state of multi-disciplinary mountain observations. It represents a contribution of the Global Network on Observations and Information in Mountain Environments (GEO Mountains) to the observance of the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development 2022. The policy brief suggests that the integration of multiple datasets with the latest process-based models and machine learning algorithms, along with purposeful science-policy-practice dialogues and iterative exchanges to define relevant applications, have the potential to revolutionize the translation of mountain observations into knowledge and subsequent action.

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Organization International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
Type of resource Policy analyses/briefs
Year of Release 2022

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