FAO Action Plan 2022–2025 for the implementation of the FAO Strategy on Climate Change

URL: https://www.fao.org/3/cc7014en/cc7014en.pdf

The elements of the Action Plan are derived from the Theory of Change anchored in the Strategy. The Action Plan is therefore articulated around the three pillars and six outcomes of the Strategy. In addition, and with the aim to provide more clarity, action areas have been introduced to cluster the outputs, which are concrete results contributing to each outcome of the Strategy. The outputs are formulated based on the FAO actions listed in section IV “Three pillars for enhanced action” of the Strategy. In the following matrix of outcomes and outputs, each output is cross-referenced with the relevant PPAs and SDG targets it contributes to achieve, in line with the FAO Strategic Framework. Similarly, each action area is being monitored by an indicator from the updated results framework 2022–2025. These indicators have been selected according to their linkage to the action area to best illustrate the contribution of the Action Plan to the implementation of the Strategic Framework. Based on the nature of the action area (technical vs functional), these indicators are either key performance indicators (KPIs) or output indicators from the PPAs.

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