Projections of greenhouse gas emissions and removals: An introductory guide for practitioners


This paper aims to provide a short practical introduction about developing GHG projections, targeted at policymakers and other climate practitioners from developing countries with limited experience in this field. The paper provides an overview of key steps for preparing GHG projections, and highlights existing guidance as well as good practices / lessons learned in doing so. Section 2, immediately below, presents the basic approach to developing GHG projections, including an overview on tools for GHG projections; Section 3 describes how to approach quality control and quality assurance of GHG projections including understanding uncertainty; finally, Section 4 addresses how countries starting out with GHG projections can do so in a simple fashion and enhance their approaches, including tools used, over time. The annexes contain an overview of the reporting requirements under the ETF related to GHG projections, an overview of key activity drivers to use as input data in GHG projections, and finally a summary of common considerations that can limit the choice when selecting a GHG projections modelling tool.

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Organization Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Type of resource Methodologies and guidelines
Year of Release 2021

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