Youth in motion for climate action!


This publication highlights various access points for projects and initiatives that engage and mobilize young people. It focuses on climate-resilient capacity development, agricultural education, and entrepreneurial guidance to promote decent rural employment in agriculture, and platforms that create alliances and networks for stimulating climate action and exchanging information. It presents activities that have successfully reached youth. These activities include competitions, such as 'hackathons' and flagship educational products that support everyday climate action. The projects and initiatives presented here also emphasize the key role partnerships among governments, the private sector, other international organizations and local cooperatives play in achieving successful outcomes. This publication is a compilation of ten successful youth-focused or youth-led initiatives in agriculture that address the impacts of climate change. The highlighted initiatives can serve as a promotional tool for youth networks, practitioners and programme managers who are interested in supporting youth in the agriculture sectors under a changing climate. The case studies are organized under five themes: E-agriculture, innovation and technology; youth employment; capacity development; entrepreneurship; and Alliances and Networks. For each theme, one FAOled initiative and one non-FAO initiative is showcased to provide a broad picture of the activities being implemented around the world at various levels. FAO and other institutions believe that partnerships and collaboration on youth-focused projects, programmes and initiatives produce stronger results on the ground. This publication highlights these multi-organizational, collaborative efforts.

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Organization Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Type of resource Studies and reports
Year of Release 2022

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