The Rural Household Multi-Indicator Survey (RHoMIS) for rapid characterisation of households to inform climate smart agriculture interventions: Description and applications in East Africa and Central America


The Rural Household Multi-Indicator Survey (RHoMIS) is a household survey tool designed to rapidly characterise a series of standardised indicators across the spectrum of agricultural production and market integration, nutrition, food security, poverty and GHG emissions. This study used this tool in two contrasting agro-ecosystems: in the Lushoto district of Tanzania and in the Trifinio border region of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The tool can compare, characterise variability, identify key differences between farm households and better design interventions when planning adaptation options.

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Organización Research program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS-CGIAR)
Tipo de recurso Experiencias de países
Año de lanzamiento 2017

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