Food Forward NDCs


Food Forward NDCs is a guidance tool to support the enhancement and implementation of NDC ambitions for agriculture and food systems transformation. It will help countries to strengthen their NDCs by providing easy and accessible content to identify policy measures and practices and information about their climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development benefits. Food Forward NDCs provides detailed policy options and measures in more than 30 specific areas - including improving access to food, reducing emissions from livestock, shifting to clean energy on the farm, implementing circular food systems, and increasing demand for sustainable healthy diets - categorised in five priority intervention areas. By considering which intervention areas - namely food environment, food governance, food production, food supply chains and food consumption - are most important in their particular context, along with whether climate change mitigation or adaptation is the more pressing concern, policymakers can identify the most relevant policy options that will help deliver NDC commitments, the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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