Gender and Inclusion Toolbox: Participatory Research in Climate


This manual is a resource and toolbox for NGO practitioners and programme designers interested in diagnostic and action research for gender-sensitive and socially inclusive climate change programmes in the rural development context. It is meant to be an easy to use manual, increasing the research capacity, skills and knowledge of its users. Integrating gender and social differentiation frameworks should ideally begin from the start of the programme cycle and be coordinated throughout the research, design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation phases. The data gathered using this toolbox supports this programme work. While the manual emphasizes participatory and qualitative approaches, many of the activities and tools can produce quantitative data. Each chapter features a bundle of research tools intended to be used sequentially. However, we know that each organization has its diverse needs. The chapters are in modular format so that teams can assemble their own research toolbox specific to their needs.

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Climate Change and Resilience Information Center (CARE)
Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (CGIAR)
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Año de lanzamiento 2014

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