Nature-based Solutions Finance for NDCs


Nature-based solutions (NbSs) are critical to climate action and one of the most requested areas of support to enhance nationally determined contributions (NDCs). Importantly, NbSs in NDCs can support climate mitigation and adaptation, as well as slow biodiversity loss, in a cost-effective manner. These intertwined crises require an integrated approach and unprecedented cooperation to achieve a nature-positive economic recovery and an equitable carbon-neutral and sustainable future. NbSs can play a critical role is this approach. This report offers reference material and inspiration for UNDP and interested stakeholders to further support the design and implementation of NBSs in NDCs by enabling countries and local stakeholders to access various financing streams. It presents the importance of financing NBSs for NDCs through public, private and philanthropic foundations. The report also provides a non-exhaustive regional mapping of existing examples of financing NBSs at scale across climate change mitigation (e.g., REDD+), climate change adaptation (CCA), biodiversity, and disaster risk reduction (DRR) in Asia-Pacific. UNDP’s work in the nature, climate and energy portfolio has employed several of these options. Five case studies illustrate lessons for Asia Pacific in financing NbSs for NDCs - Public-Private Partnership Approach; Debt-for-Nature Swap; Sustainable Tourism in Protected Natural Areas; Sustainable Cities; Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use sector.

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