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A significant innovation in the AR6 WGI report is the inclusion of the Interactive Atlas, allowing flexible spatial and temporal analyses of much of the observed and projected climate change information underpinning the WGI assessment. The Interactive Atlas has two components. The first (regional information) includes the ability to generate global maps and a number of regionally aggregated products (time series, scatter plots, tables, climate stripes, etc.) for observed and projected climate change for time periods, emissions scenarios or global warming levels of interest. It integrates a range of different datasets, including global and regional observations and the three most recent coordinated global and regional climate projection experiments: CMIP5, CORDEX and CMIP6, for different key variables, extreme indices and climatic impact drivers (CIDs). The second component (regional synthesis) provides qualitative information about changes in climatic impact drivers (CIDs) in several categories such as heat and cold, wet and dry, or coastal and oceanic. Users can select one or several impact drivers and visualize the regional historical trends and projected changes over the sub-continental reference regions.

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