Enhancing Food Security in a Changing Climate in Africa

URL: https://agnes-africa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Policy-brief-3_Food-Security_Final_09032020.compressed.pdf

Climate and socio-ecological change scenarios are invaluable tools in developing appropriate response options for ensuring food security and human wellbeing in the future: an evidence-based approach. Climate change necessitates research on crops, livestock, and systems that are resilient to variability and extreme events. The paper discusses the importance of prioritizing and mainstream food security and nutrition issues into regional and national climate change adaptation and mitigation programmes and initiatives. as well as the existing opportunities for the development of climate-proof and resilient food systems across Africa through technology diffusion, agronomic practices, and innovations that can be optimized and scaled up.

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Organisation African Group of Negotiator Expert Support (AGNES)
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Année de sortie 2020

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