Kenya's Tea Sector under Climate Change


Following the Intergovernmental Group Meeting on Tea in New Delhi in 2010, FAO was requested by the Government of Kenya to assist with a climate change impact assessment of tea in Kenya and to help develop a new strategy to confront its effects. This report is the outcome of a two-year project in Kenya and offers the findings from an integrated climate impact assessment. The analysis covered (i) historical and future links between climate parameters and tea yields, (ii) a carbon life cycle analy sis, (iii) tea management scenarios under climate change using aquacrop model, and (iv) a socio-economic analysis of small holder tea farms and households and their coping options under climate change. The report also summarizes the core elements of an inclusive, multi-stakeholder-led new climate-compatible strategy for tea.

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Organisation Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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Année de sortie 2015

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