Bases de données pour l’analyse et la collecte de données sur l’adaptation au changement climatique

Série de bases de données pour appuyer la prise de décision en matière d’adaptation et la collecte d’informations sur des pratiques agricoles efficaces.


    Bases de données

  • CROPWATSite Web

    "CROPWAT is a decision support tool developed by the Land and Water Development Division of FAO. CROPWAT 8.0 for Windows is a computer program for the calculation of crop water requirements and irrigation requirements based on soil, climate and crop data. In addition, the program allows the...

  • CLIMWATSite Web

    CLIMWAT is a climatic database to be used in combination with the computer program CROPWAT. It allows the calculation of crop water requirements, irrigation supply and irrigation scheduling for various crops for a range of climatological stations worldwide. CLIMWAT 2.0 for CROPWAT is a joint...

  • Sites web/plateformes/portails

  • IPCC WGI Interactive AtlasSite Web

    A significant innovation in the AR6 WGI report is the inclusion of the Interactive Atlas, allowing flexible spatial and temporal analyses of much of the observed and projected climate change information underpinning the WGI assessment. The Interactive Atlas has two components. The first (regional...

  • Études de cas

  • Climatology and agroclimatology atlas of the Lao People’s Democratic RepublicPDF

    This atlas is a study of climate and agroclimate in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic for the period 1990–2019 based on the downscaling of long-term observation data. It has been produced as part of the “Strengthening Agro-Climatic Monitoring and Information Systems (SAMIS) to improve...

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