Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism

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Climate change is severely affecting food security, ecosystems and livelihoods. But did you know that climate change is also worsening inequalities? Women and youth, Indigenous Peoples and other vulnerable groups are disproportionally affected by climate change. At the same time, women are almost absent from negotiating tables. Less than 25% of the influential positions at the United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) were held by women. FAO is promoting gender-responsive climate policy and action through a Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM) project. In 2021, six female agriculture experts from Kiribati, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Uganda, Zambia and Senegal were nominated as negotiators at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). FAO conducted a series of negotiator trainings to ensure they had an impactful engagement in UNFCCC negotiations. Three of them were able to attend COP26 as national lead negotiators. Let’s keep working together to achieve gender equality in decision-making. We must support women’s leadership and rebuild the negotiating table.

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