Gender and Inclusion Toolbox: Participatory Research in Climate Change and Agriculture


This manual is a resource and toolbox for NGO practitioners and program designers interested in diagnostic and action research for designing gender sensitive and socially inclusive climate change programs in the rural development context. While the manual emphasizes participatory and qualitative approaches, many of the activities and tools can produce quantitative data. The toolbox is divided into four main parts and includes a) An overview of concepts in gender, climate change, participation, qualitative research, and gender and social analysis; b) Team-based learning and reflection activities to support gender and inclusion concepts; c) A logistics and planning guide supporting sampling strategy, sex-disaggregation, and field work best practices; and d) Participatory research tools covering Co-Production of Knowledge, Climate Resilient Agriculture, Climate Information, and Mitigation for socially differentiated data collection and analysis. Each chapter features a bundle of research tools intended to be used sequentially but are presented in modular format so that teams can assemble their own research toolbox specific to their needs.

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Organisation Climate Change and Resilience Information Center (CARE)
Research program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS-CGIAR)
Type de ressource Méthodes et directives
Année de sortie 2014

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