Assessing the role of agriculture and land use in nationally determined contributions


This paper presents a common framework for synthesizing and analysing the role of agriculture and land use in the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to facilitate a better understanding of country priorities, challenges and support needs. The methodology developed is directed at policymakers, sectoral experts and technical practitioners in the field of agriculture, climate change and food security with the overall aim of supporting national governments to strengthen their adaptation and mitigation policies in the agriculture and land use sectors. The framework enables a country-level analysis of the extent to which existing adaptation and mitigation policies respond to major emission sources, and climate-related hazards, risks and vulnerabilities undermining country capacity to adapt and build resilient livelihoods. As such, the framework can support the 2020 NDC revision process and future revision cycles. It can also serve as a basis for collective action in the agriculture and land use sectors, evidencing opportunities for directing programmatic support and investment.

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Organisation Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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Année de sortie 2019

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