Climate-related development finance to agrifood systems


The amount of climate finance flowing to agrifood systems is strikingly low and continues to diminish vis-à-vis global climate finance flows. Agriculture is one of the sectors with the highest adaptation finance needs for implementing the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) but climate finance for adaptation is also on a downward trend. The diminishing trends of both agrifood and adaptation investments is a cause for alarm and a missed opportunity.

This publication addresses the persistent knowledge gap related to climate finance to agrifood systems, providing data and information to support countries making informed decisions towards agrifood systems transformation. The analysis brings to light the evolution of climate finance in agrifood systems over the past two decades, showcasing unique sectorial analysis of climate finance allocations for adaptation and mitigation, delving into the diversity of actors involved, from bilateral and multilateral agencies to the private sector, highlighting the critical need for partnerships that transcend boundaries.

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Organisation Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
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Année de sortie 2023

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